Sail Online ... Gotland Runt

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Eurocard Gotland Runt
A classic Swedish race in the Baltic. Brought to you in association with the swedish organization KSSS.
Race starts: Mar 01st 17:00 UTC

Kan detta va nåt?

Sailonline is a strategy simulator for ocean sailing which challenges both the novice and the expert. It lets you sail your boat over oceans around the globe easier than you can imagine. But, as in real life, in order to sail fast and to ultimately win races requires full dedication, extensive practice, knowledge and working skills. The simulator runs in real time which means that a race can be ongoing for days or even weeks. Luckily, there are autopilots installed in all boats so that you do not need to steer manually all the time. Small adjustments of your autopilot setting a couple of times per day is often sufficient.

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