Keep Turning Left

Dylan Winter is a professional Video maker and Radio Journalist, currently circumnavigating Great Britain ... join the tour.


I have sailed small boats all my life. Every time I see Britain on a map it reminds me that I live on an island and have never sailed around it. So this year I have bought a boat and am taking it up the north sea and around the UK mainland.

There is another reason for this journey. My 19 year old son is walking the length of the ganges. This is the middle aged father getting even.

The boat I am using is a 19 foot Mirror Offshore - created by a British socialist newspaper as a yacht for the working man - its the nautical equivalent of a VW.

The camera is a £150 cannon mini DV - cheap enough that I won't cry if I drop it in the water.

The editing is quick and dirty. I have cut corners with the camera, the sound, not using a tripod. I know how to film and edit for broadcast in HD - but this is you tube.

The vids are a work in progress - the style is changing through the series in response to feedback from viewers.

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