Groupama 3 mot nytt rekord?

Skall Groupama 3 lyckas segla runt planeten snabbare än vad Orange 2 mäktade med? Klicka på bilden nedan så får du se hur det går.

bild: Groupama 3

Foto: Yvan Zedda

Groupama 3 set off this Thursday 24th January at 07h 50' 17'' (GMT) from the start line of the Jules Verne Trophy attempt, a line defined by the alignment of Lizard Point (UK) and the Créac'h lighthouse (Ushant).

Franck Cammas and his nine crew must cross this same line after rounding the three capes before 15 March at 00 hours 09 minutes 21 seconds (GMT) in order to take the round the world record.

Groupama 3 har kapsejsat


bild: Groupamas besättning

Google News om Groupama 3

A sheared off port hull caused the French trans-oceanic trimaran Groupama 3 to capsize off the coast of Dunedin earlier today.

In an interview just broadcast on New Zealand television, skipper Franck Cammas explained that the hull beams initially sheared and then the whole port hull broke away causing the trimaran to capsize.

Sea conditions were described as moderate in the area with about five to seven metre seas running, with 30 kts of wind. According to a report on the Franck Cammas-Groupama website the leeward float beams fractured causing the leeward (port) hull to shear off.

The crew of Groupama 3 were interviewed on their return to shore in New Zealand but had some dramatic footage taken from on board the 30metre multihull during the rescue.

From the air the trimaran consisted of just two hulls with the port hull nowhere to be seen.

by Richard Gladwell, Sail-World

Sjöräddning, bärgning och sånt

Groupama 3 capsizes in the Pacific ocean
2008/02/18 - © Groupama

The ten men were very quickly airlifted via helicopter by the New Zealand rescue services and taken to Dunedin (South Island).

Groupama 3 salvage operation underway
2008/02/20 - © tvnz.co.nz

Groupama 3 salvage operation is underway off the North Otago coast, as the rescued crew try and recover their capsized racing yacht.

bild: Groupama väntar utanför Dunedin

The trimaran Groupama 3 on tow
2008/02/22 - © Stephen Jaquery

On tow behind the Clan Macleod for over 24 hours, the trimaran Groupama 3 approaching the entrance to the commercial port of Dunedin.

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