Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's an Optimist!

Bygg om din Optimistjolle till en High Performance Dinghy, det verkar ju inte särskilt svårt, men masten verkar böja lite lurigt.

Full Screen Movie

My brother sailing a opti from our sailing camp that we have riged with a Club 420 spinniker. WE got bored one day on our lunch break and decided to rig a couple extra sprits to the top of the mast and haul of the best opti that our camp had. We then took a club 420 spinniker and riged it to it. In the video i am video taping and my brother is sailing it. I am in a carolina skiff with a 25 hp yamaha motor. At the end i am on a full plane and he startes to get away from me. We did this a hobcaw yacht club, Mt Pleasent, SC USA 29401.

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