Sailing Anarchy ... igen

Folkbåten är het nu, för andra gången inom en månad har Sailing Anarchy Folkbåt överst på sidan. Kimball Livingston från Sail Magazine har också skrivit om Folkbåtar i "The People's Boat". Det är naturligtvis det nyligen genomförda San Francisco Cup som dragit till sig det här mediala intresset, våra Amerikanska vänner har fattat vad man har internet till och har levererat resultat, bilder och kommentarer snabbt som ögat.

There is just something so retro cool about Folkboats. This particular shot is an obviously very windy day in the famous SF Bay and comes from Peter Lyons, who really does some fine work. this shot reminds me of a lot of old school sailing I did growing up - we had an old wood Mercury and then later a fiberglass S&S designed Yankee Dolphin and I'll never forget what it was like sailing those great boats and the things I learned while doing it.

That leads me to ask the natural Question of the Week: What old school boats did you grow up sailing? And if you have any pics, please post them. This should be a fun trip to back in the day. Good times, indeed.


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