Folkbåtsintervju från mässan

Västkustens Expresseglare direktsände intervjuer med representanter för de olika klassförbunden i samband med båtmässan i Göteborg 2009.
Inslaget med Folkbåtsförbundet ligger nu ute på deras "X-Race TV".
Tack till Arne K Larssen som tipsade och bloggade det här först.


"The Golden Cup"

Image: The Gold Cup   Photo: Eric Kaiser

Most Folkboat sailors are familiar with the Gold Cup. But – here some short information for our new (and yet to be) friends in the Folkboat Class.

The Gold Cup was donated by Konsul Hans Hagelstein in 1963 in memory of his father - Senator Alfred Hagelstein, to “Lübecker Yacht Club” in Travemünde. It is rather small, but consists of 1 kg pure gold. It was the start of the most prestigeful race in the Nordic Folkboat. To give the project an extra kicking start Hagelstein also donated a brand new Folkboat as first price in the first regatta 1963. Thus the Folkboat class had an international regatta which today gathers more than 60 Folkboats on the starting line most years. It is extremely hard to win the Gold Cup, and discussions about a World Championship in Folkboat have always ended in: Keep the Gold Cup – nothing could be more prestigeful both for the winner and for the Folkboat Class.

Still it isn´t the winner who gets the trophy, but his yacht club. And if the same yacht club has won the trophy 6 times it gets it forever. Probably none thought that would happen. But first the Danish “Kjøbenhavns Amatør sejlklub” managed to win it for good in 1974, and then “Kerteminde Sejlklub” in 1982 and 1994. Luckily both Clubs donated the trophy again, so today we still have this magnificent trophy, and an unbroken list of winners since 1963.

The Danes have dominated among the winners with 38 winners, followed by the Germans with 6 winners, and Sweden with 1 winner. The Gold Cup is traditionally arranged in northern Germany, Denmark or the south coast of Sweden. It is here the “center of gravity” for the Folkboat Class is.

2009 is the 6.th time the Gold Cup is arranged in Sweden, and it has newer earlier been arranged as far north as in Marstrand. Being one of the most active racing Classes for keel boats in the world, and especially in northern Europe we expect lots of boats. When this is written, in January 2009, sailors from six countries plan to participate, namely Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and USA. Probably this is a new record.

But the Gold Cup is not only a tough race full of prestige. It is also a big social event where old and new folkboat friends gather, build tent-villages, go to restaurants and have a good time together. The statutes for the Gold Cup thus prescribe a program which both give competitive racing, but also time for social planned or unplanned events. And on the price giving ceremony you can count on some kind of price if you are the oldest, the youngest, have made the longest journey to the event, have the oldest boat and so on.

Welcome to the Gold Cup!

The Swedish Folkboat Club